Which is the BEST CAR to LEASE?




Large metropolitan cities draw lot of aspirants across various industry segments. People from all over the country throng to these cities albeit for a short time and may be considering this as a launchpad to their global ambitions. One such couple are Rahul & Pooja. Newlywed, in Bangalore for their job. Their thought revolves around having a car but are unable decide on which one. After all, there are close to 100 new car launches in India every year.

Being new to the city, they are unsure about the right people to connect to. They finally chance upon a leasing expert who explains to them about the way leasing works and the best choice of cars to lease.

Essentially lease is about having a fixed cost outflow for the vehicle, irrespective of market fluctuations such as inflation, fall in resale prices (case in point: Honda civic), manufacturer discontinuing the vehicle (case in point: Ford) availability of spare parts etc. A leasing company analyses all of the above factors and more before providing a budget. The journey of car ownership essentially 3 things

  1. Buying the car
  2. Using the Car
  3. Selling the car


Whilst buying, one would check the available offers such a discount, free insurance, extended warranty etc. and check with the sales personal about the serviceability of the vehicle, most would overlook the resale price aspect of the car. This component plays a very crucial role in determining the car lease rentals. Essentially a lease calculation is a sum of buy price + maintenance – resale price. Therefore, it is safe to say that car with the highest resale price will have the lowest of lease rentals.

Rahul & Pooja after understanding this magic formula are now in a better position to take an informed decision. Now its only a matter of time fore they decide on the budget and choose a car which would provide them with the best value for money or lowest lease rentals so to say.

Are you also in one such dilemma to choose a car? We are right around the corner. 

For the best lessee in town, contact us on 91 -988 667 7386 or drop in an email at contact@leasemycars.in to get the best deal on your lease plan.


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