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Ever fancied driving a newer car every year or two? Perhaps you’ve imagined not having the burden of owning a car yet being able to drive it.

The solution to all these fantasies is leasing a car. You can actually, quite literally drive a car or multiple cars without the hassle of owning any of them.

To bring your dreams into reality, we at leasemycars are equipped to help you drive the car of all your dreams. We are the newest and the only totally tech enabled company in the field of car leasing and fleet management. We are experts in offering vehicle leasing solutions to any entity, individual or company.

Owning a car is a result of several complicated procedures that includes

  1. Dealing with the car dealer
  2. Choosing the right car
  3. Booking and booking charges
  4. Waitlists
  5. Procurement
  6. Financing
  7. Insurance
  8. Maintenance
  9. Accident/damage repair
  10. Third party damage
  11. Taxation

And the list goes on. Leasing allows an individual/company to skip all these hassles and straightforwardly enjoy the pleasure of driving a car. All of this without paying for the highly priced upfront cost of owning a car which might ultimately end up being a risk on disposal and impact your return on investment.

How does it work?

Allow us to introduce our services. We offer you hassle-free lease options customized to your liking. We always have a dedicated procurement team that works round the clock to provide you with the best deal possible.

Every individual to every business wants to ultimately cut down on all kinds of unnecessary expenses while scoring maximum profit. Since cars are depreciating assets, we all want to save on huge down payments.

Leasemycars offers customized options for lease to corporates vs. lease to SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) that come with an array of benefits.

Some of them include:

  • Pan India services
  • All cars under one umbrella
  • Tax benefits passed onto employees
  • Talent hiring and retention
  • Financial benefits including no capital outflow, no capitalization, more cash on balance sheet
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Conserved cash for larger business decisions
  • Tax shelter on P&L
  • No depreciating assests on balance sheet
  • More cash for business operations, especially for SME
  • Single point of contact for all vehicle related services

Once you apply for a car lease, through your employer, your employer (corporate) becomes the primary lessee while you become the secondary lessee. The leasing company, ‘we’ will finance the purchase. Since your company is the primary lessee, the name of the car will remain in the name of the company till the end of the lease tenure. For this service offered by us, you will need to pay us a monthly interest rate which includes all costs related to the car including on-road price, accessories cost, zero-depreciation insurance and other regular maintenance charges.

The monthly interest paid by you to us will ultimately be based upon the finance value minus the remaining value of the car. Depending on your company and the terms signed by you, the residual value of the car varies. Sometimes less or more. Most companies will already deduct your gross monthly payment by adjusting your lease value. Now since the lease Lease rental is being deducted from your gross salary and not net salary, you are making a tax saving of 30.9%.

For exciting offers on car leasing and offers to corporates and SMEs, visit


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